The difference between a manual and sonic electric brush?

How to brush your teeth properly with a sonic electric toothbrush?

Regular dental hygiene

We all know the importance of regular dental hygiene. Using SonicTrue® technology, TrueLife sonic toothbrushes gently oscillate at high speeds to effectively clean your teeth and remove plaque. 80,000 movements per minute forces water and toothpaste into interdental spaces and the gentle vibrations eliminate plaque, stains and bacteria.

Targeted cleaning of the spaces between your teeth is something a conventional toothbrush just cannot do. Although cavities are more prevalent on the biting surface of kids’ teeth, in adults they are much more common in interdental spaces. That's why thoroughly cleaning there should be part of everyone’s daily routine. A gentler alternative to interdental brushes or flossing by hand is a water flosser, which makes cleaning between your teeth much easier and faster. A spray of water droplets and air from the nozzle penetrates even the smallest gaps, improves blood circulation to the gums and effectively removes bacteria.

Investing in quality dental care at home means you won’t have to worry about unexpected expenses at the dentist. TrueLife dental products offer all you need for healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Electric Toothbrushes for Adults

Did you know that when we brush our teeth with a regular toothbrush, we can manage around 600 brush movements per minute? That may sound like a lot, but not when compared to a TrueLife sonic brush that generates 80,000 brush movements per minute. Working on the principle of oscillation and vibration, our sonic toothbrushes are several times more powerful and remove plaque effectively. Don't give tooth decay a chance.

SonicTrue® sonic technology

SonicTrue® technology works by gently vibrating the bristles at high speeds to remove plaque effectively. 80,000 brush movements per minute drives toothpaste and water into the spaces between your teeth, while gentle vibrations eliminate plaque, stains, and bacteria. Plus, sonic technology is less harsh on tooth enamel than brushing by hand or electric rotary brushes.

How to properly clean your teeth and gums?

TrueLife sonic toothbrushes adapt to your needs - whether you want a whiter smile, improved blood flow to your gums or just to thoroughly clean your teeth. With a sonic toothbrush, you simply need to apply enough pressure for the brush head to make contact with your teeth and gums at the same time, ideally at a 45-degree angle. And gentle vibrations means there's no need to move it in a circular motion. Just move the toothbrush from one tooth to the next and from section to section. As the front teeth are more prone to tartar build-up, we recommend holding the brush vertically and cleaning each tooth for at least a few seconds. An automatic 2-minute timer monitors the correct cleaning time for you, and the brush automatically turns off when it's done.

A white and bright smile

TrueLife sonic toothbrushes come with a special whitening mode designed to keep your teeth sparkling white. Simply select this mode using the corresponding button and follow the instructions.


Electric Toothbrushes for Kids

Getting a child to brush their teeth can sometimes be a real chore. Most children don't enjoy brushing their teeth and frequently try to avoid it. With Truelife's sonic toothbrushes that are designed especially for kids of all ages, cleaning teeth is enjoyable. Fun animal stickers and an animated video makes brushing teeth an enjoyable activity they will look forward to. Plus, the handle is the perfect size for a child to grasp and a smaller brush head with soft bristles is gentle on their teeth.

Sonic toothbrush for kids from 7 to 14

Sonic toothbrush for kids from 5 to 9

Sonic toothbrush for kids from 3 to 6

Cleaning through play

Kids who voluntarily and happily brush their teeth are the exception. Cleaning teeth is not an easy habit for kids to develop. They either lack the skill or simply don’t enjoy it. TrueLife sonic toothbrushes turn an otherwise mundane chore into a fun activity that kids will look forward to. For the youngest, the brush comes with 30 fun animal stickers that kids can use to decorate the toothbrush. Plus, an animated video, played on a smartphone, helps them learn the correct brushing technique.

How to clean kids’ teeth?

Brushing teeth with TrueLife sonic toothbrushes is simple and effective. With the help of a parent or the educational animation, your child learns the correct technique whilst the toothbrush gently and effectively removes all plaque and debris. And there is no need to put too much pressure on the toothbrush, just gently place it on the tooth and move the bristles back and forth. For best results, divide the mouth into 4 sections, cleaning each for 30 seconds. After each period, the toothbrush pauses, alerts you to move on to the next section and turns itself off after 2 minutes.


Water Flossers

Take your dental hygiene to the next level with a TrueLife water flosser. Water flossers are much faster and more effective than using interdental brushes. Forcing a stream of water droplets and air out of the nozzle, it gets into even the smallest spaces whilst improving blood circulation in the gums and eliminating bacteria. This helps prevent diseases, such as periodontitis and improves your breath. Infections, odours and inflammation don't stand a chance.

Why use a water flosser?

Did you know that 95% of dental cavities occur in interdental spaces? Cleaning between your teeth regularly can prevent not only tooth decay, but also gingivitis or periodontitis. TrueLife water flossers help you effectively clean interdental spaces every day and are much easier and gentler than using interdental brushes or manually flossing. When used properly, it can remove up to 99% of plaque and clean your teeth in a way that a toothbrush alone simply can’t. Easy to use and master, you’ll have healthy teeth and gums, and a radiant smile.


Replacement Heads for Sonic Toothbrushes

Special heads to suit your needs can be purchased for our whole range of SonicBrush toothbrushes. There are regular heads, sensitive heads for more sensitive teeth and special whitening heads for a bright smile. As with regular toothbrushes, the bristles wear out over time, so we recommend replacing the brush head every three months. Frayed and bent fibres are much less effective at removing plaque.

With a wide range of replacement heads available for TrueLife sonic toothbrushes, you can always choose exactly what your teeth need. These included standard heads, sensitive heads for more sensitive teeth and special whitening heads for a radiant smile.

Overview of replacement heads

Comparing to other brands

SonicBrush K150 UV SonicBrush GL UV Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean Navy Blue HX6871/47 Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart White HX9917/88 Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Blue HX9954/57 Philips Sonicare Prestige HX9992/12
No. of movements/min 80 000 80 000 62 000 62 000 62 000 62 000
No. of modes 3 4 3 4 5 5
Modes Clean
Gum Care
Deep Clean+
Gum Health
Deep Clean+
Gum Health
Tongue Care
Deep Clean
Gum Health
Intensity levels 5 No 3 No No No
UV sterilizer Yes Yes No No No No
Functions Timer, battery indicator Timer, battery indicator Timer, pressure sensor, battery indicator Bluetooth, timer, pressure sensor, battery indicator Bluetooth, timer, pressure sensor, battery indicator, 3D cleaning Bluetooth, timer, pressure sensor, battery indicator, 3D cleaning
No. of heads (included) 3 3 2 2 4 1
Accessories (included) Head, charging base, adapter, travel case Head, charging cup, UV sterilizer, travel case Head, charger, travel case Head, charging cup, charging travel case Head, charging jar, charging travel case, head holder Rechargeable travel case, charging pad, head
Water resistance IPX7 IPX7 IPX7 IPX7 IPX7 IPX7
Battery life (2x a day 2 minutes) 45 days Up to 30 days 14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days
Price (€)* 74,99 99,99 120,9 248,9 279,9 298,9

* Data and information are collected from Czech importers' websites, objective measurements and other publicly available sources as of 1.9.2022.

Other Products

UV sterilizer

The TrueLife UV sterilizer is a small device that effectively kills bacteria that settle on toothbrush heads. Using UV light, it penetrates the membranes of bacteria, viruses and fungi and prevents their spread. It is compatible with most electric and regular toothbrushes on the market.

Why use a toothbrush sterilizer?

Bacteria thrive between the wet bristles of a toothbrush and the humid environment of a bathroom is the perfect breeding ground. This means we risk infection every time we put a toothbrush in our mouths. Changing your toothbrush or brush head regularly is important but sterilizing it as well is even more effective. Using UV radiation, the TrueLife toothbrush sterilizer eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria. Plus, it's easy to use, compatible with most toothbrushes on the market, and you can take it with you anywhere.