TrueLife SonicBrush Junior J100

Sonic toothbrush for children aged 7 to 14

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Most kids don't enjoy brushing their teeth very much, so they often end up putting it off. But with the Truelife SonicBrush Junior J100 sonic toothbrush, specially adapted to the needs of children aged 7 to 14, brushing can also be fun. With colourful stickers and a fun animated instructional video, it's easy to turn a mundane chore into something enjoyable your child will actually look forward to. Our toothbrush is fully tailored for kids’ needs with the body and brush head perfectly sized and soft bristles. Featuring SonicTrue® technology, it oscillates at 56,000 movements per minute, effectively removing up to 99% of plaque. As the toothbrush is rechargeable with a battery that lasts up to 35 days, you can comfortably travel with it or pack it for your child on holiday. A travel case and two Soft heads are included.


Gentle and effective SonicTrue® technology

SonicTrue® technology works by gently vibrating the bristles of the toothbrush at high speed to effectively remove up to 99% of plaque. Studies prove that sonic toothbrushes are gentler on children's teeth than manual brushing or rotary brushes. Plus, it doesn't require as much of a child's effort.

Brushing teeth through play

Kids who voluntarily and happily brush their teeth are the exception. Cleaning teeth is not an easy habit for kids to develop. They either lack the skill or simply don’t enjoy it. The TrueLife SonicBrush Junior J100 toothbrush turns an otherwise mundane chore into a fun activity that kids will look forward to. Children young and old will love decorating their toothbrushes with the 4 included colourful stickers plus, the video animation, which can be played on a smartphone, will help them master their brushing technique.

Suitable for younger and older kids

Due to its size and fine bristles, the TrueLife sonic toothbrush is perfectly suited for cleaning children's teeth and it comfortably fits in the hand, making brushing simple. With 3 cleaning modes, it can be used by different ages - a slower mode for smaller children to faster modes for the older ones who can brush their teeth on their own. Plus, the automatic timer ensures the correct brushing time so you won’t have to constantly keep an eye on them.

  • SonicTrue® technology

    Using oscillations and vibrations at a frequency of 56,000 movements per minute, it ensures maximum plaque removal.

  • Wide age range

    Thanks to three cleaning modes, the brush is suitable for both young and older children.

  • Educational video animation

    Helps children with the correct technique and duration.

  • 3 cleaning modes

    From slower for small children to faster for older ones who brush their teeth completely by themselves.

  • Long battery life

    Rechargeable battery lasts up to 35 days of use on a single charge, so you can pack it with your child for the holidays.

  • Automatic timer

    Automatic 2-minute timer makes sure your kid’s teeth are cleaned for the correct length of time, after which it turns itself off.

  • Travel case

    Included practical case to pack your child's toothbrush for a trip.

  • 30-second intervals

    For maximum efficiency, the brushing cycle is divided into 4 sections with 30 seconds spent on each. After each section, the brush will alert you with a short pause.

  • Memory

    Remembers the last mode used and automatically activates it the next time you turn it on.

  • Soft bristles

    Suitable for children's teeth.

  • Compact design

    Easy for children to hold and does not take up much space.

  • Wireless charging

    Induction station for wireless charging.

  • 4 coloured stickers

    To decorate and personalise the toothbrush.

  • BPA and phthalate free

    Made of premium materials that do not contain BPA and phthalates.

  • Water resistant

    IPX7 protection ensures you don't have to worry about using the toothbrush even in the shower.


Battery life 35 days (2× a day for 2 minutes)
Charging Wireless induction from the base
No. of movements Up to 56,000 movements/min
Modes Slow, Medium, Fast
Timer 2 min (30 s interval)
Memory Yes
Additional heads Junior-series Soft
Brush dimensions 2,6 cm × 22,3 cm × 2,6 cm (W × H × D)
Brush weight 91 g
Water resistance IPX7
Suitable for 7 – 14 years

Box contents

  • SonicBrush Junior J100 toothbrush
  • Charging base with USB cable
  • 2× Junior-series Soft heads
  • Travel case
  • 4× coloured sticker
  • Instructions

Comparison with the competition

TrueLife SonicBrush Junior J100 Philips Sonicare For Kids HX6322/04
No. of movements/min 56 000 62 000
No. of modes 3 2
Modes Slow, Medium, Fast Slow, Fast
Functions Timer, battery indicator, video animation Bluetooth, timer
No. of heads (included)22
Accessories (included) Head, charging base, travel case, colour stickers Head, charger, colour stickers
Water resistanceIPX7 IPX7
Battery life (2 min twice a day) 35 days 21 days
Price (€) 39,99 44,9

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