SonicBrush Compact

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Healthy teeth and gums? You can depend on the TrueLife SonicBrush Compact toothbrush using modern sonic technology. It will take care of your oral hygiene giving you a bright smile and preventing harmful bacteria. The brush head oscillates at a high frequency removing the maximum amount of plaque with each movement and you can choose from 4 cleaning modes. The battery lasts for 30 days. The package contains a sonic brush, a charging station, two Standard heads and a travel case (since 2021).


4 modes for daily care

The TrueLife SonicBrush Compact has 4 cleaning modes to look after your dental needs. Clean mode is the most common and suitable for daily use. Sensitive mode is perfect for more sensitive teeth and gums. If you want a beautiful white smile use Whiten mode and for a pleasant gum massage there is Massage mode.

Sonic technology destroys plaque

The brush head oscillates at a high frequency of 70,000 movements per minute. These gentle vibrations don’t give plague, stains or bacteria a chance. Plus, this technology is much more friendly to tooth enamel than rotary brushes. As well as this, the brush swirls the toothpaste with water, forcing it into the interdental spaces thus cleaning them.

Monitors cleaning time for you

The SonicBrush Compact has a built-in timer that guides you through each part of the cleaning process. After 30 seconds it lets you know to move on to the next section of your mouth and after two minutes, the brush turns off automatically. Thanks to the timer, cleaning goes quickly. Plus, you can rest assured that you’ll brush your teeth evenly and correctly.

At home and in your suitcase

Thanks to its small dimensions, the SonicBrush Compact fits in any size of bag. This means you can enjoy first-class dental hygiene on the go. Just leave the charging stand at home - the toothbrush battery lasts up to 30 days of cleaning. Its minimalist design will complement your bathroom and a single button ensures ease of operation.

  • Gentle sonic technology

    Sonic brushes work on the basis of high-speed oscillation and vibration. The brush head does not destroy tooth enamel and is also suitable for sensitive teeth.

  • 4 cleaning modes

    For maximum efficiency, the brush features four modes. Together they take great care of your mouth - whether you want to have a whiter smile, improved blood flow to your gums or just clean your teeth effectively.

  • Designed for travel

    The brush is compact and fits in with the rest of your toiletries. The charger stand also packs easily and can be taken anywhere with you.

  • Automatic timer

    The timer keeps track of the correct cleaning time and turns the brush off after two minutes.

  • Two heads included

    Out of the box you get two new-generation heads designed exclusively for the SonicBrush Compact. Replacing them takes just a few seconds, so two of you can share.

  • Even cleaning

    The brush will let you know every 30 seconds that you should move to the next part of your mouth. Cleaning will be even and healthy.

Parameters of SonicBrush Compact

Battery Life 30 Days
Charging Induction
Accessories (included) 1× charging station, 2× Standard heads, 1× travel case
Timer Yes
Brush Dimensions 170 mm × 25 mm × 25 mm
Optional Accessories Replaceable Heads – Standard, Sensitive, Whiten
No. of Movements Up to 70,000 movements / min
Modes Clean, Sensitive, Massage, Whiten
Waterproof IPX7
Brush Weight 100 g
Brush Weight with charging station 166 g

Accessories and spare parts