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TrueLife SonicBrush Kid G

Sonic brush for kids from 5 to 9

Turn brushing teeth into a game

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Convincing your child to brush their teeth regularly can sometimes be a real struggle. Most kids don’t enjoy brushing their teeth and often do their best to avoid it. The Truelife SonicBrush Kid G, specially designed for kids from 5 to 9, makes brushing teeth fun. With 30 animal stickers, a colourful LED light and an animated video tutorial, this daily chore will quickly turn into a fun activity that your kids will look forward to. The brush is fully adapted for children, with a brush head and handle that are the perfect size, and soft gentle bristles. The toothbrush is powered by a standard AAA battery, making it perfect for travel as well.


Gentle sonic technology

SonicTrue® technology creates gentle vibrations. The toothbrush bristles oscillate at high speed, effectively removing up to 99% of dental plaque. Studies show that a sonic toothbrush is more gentle on a child's teeth than cleaning manually or using standard electric toothbrushes. Plus, it requires a minimum of effort.

Brushing teeth through play

With the TrueLife SonicBrush Baby G, the chore of brushing teeth will be transformed into a fun activity that kids look forward to. An educational video animation, which can be played on a smartphone or tablet, guides them through the entire process. Kids will learn how to brush their teeth properly and thoroughly, and when successfully completed will earn rewards. Plus, your kids will love decorating the brush with the animal stickers that come included.

Brush designed specially for kids

Thanks to its size and the finer bristles, the SonicBrush Baby G is perfectly suited to gently clean kid’s teeth. The toothbrush fits perfectly in their hand, making brushing easy and thanks to the LED light on the head, both child and parent will be able to see exactly where they are cleaning. An automatic timer measures the correct time needed to clean the teeth, so you won’t have to monitor them.

Easy and efficient cleaning

Cleaning teeth with the TrueLife SonicBrush Baby G is both simple and effective. Your child will learn the correct technique, either with the help of a parent or the fun animation, while the toothbrush gently and effectively removes dental plaque and impurities. All you have to do is place the toothbrush gently on the tooth, moving the bristles back and forth slowly. In order to effectively clean teeth, the mouth should be divided into 4 sections with 30 seconds spent on each. After a 30-second cycle, the brush pauses and alerts your child to move to the next section. After 2 minutes, the brush switches itself off.

  • Animated video tutorial

    Kids see how to clean their teeth properly and because it makes the whole process fun, they will brush for long enough.

  • 3 heads included

    2 small heads and 1 medium head are included, meaning more kids can use the device. Additional heads can be purchased.

  • Even cleaning

    Sonic technology and an automatic timer help your child brush their teeth thoroughly and evenly.

  • Automatic timer

    The brush measures the exact length of time needed to properly clean your kid’s teeth. It monitors brushing all parts of the mouth, in 30-second intervals, and when finished, switches itself off.

  • Gentle SonicTrue® technology

    Sonic toothbrushes have vibrating brush heads that make it much gentler than standard brushing or a conventional electric toothbrush. Of course, everything is specially adapted for children's teeth.

  • LED light

    The brush head is equipped with an LED light, making it easy to see the teeth when cleaning.

  • Soft bristles

    The bristles of the sonic brush are soft, specially suited to the topography of children's teeth and protecting their gums from abrasions or bleeding.

  • Compact

    The toothbrush is compact, fits perfectly in a kid’s hand and does not take up much space.

  • Battery operated

    The toothbrush is powered by a standard AAA battery with a long battery life, making it ideal for travel and holidays.

  • 30 animal stickers

    30 animal stickers are included for your kids to personalize their toothbrush.

  • Waterproof design

    IPX7 water resistance means the toothbrush can even be used in the shower.

  • Designed for kid’s hands

    The speciality shaped anti-slip handle will fit perfectly in your child’s hand.

  • Easy to use

    The toothbrush is fully-optimized to make it easy for kids to use and all at the touch of a button.

  • Free of BPA and phthalates

    Made from premium materials that do not contain BPA and phthalates.

TrueLife SonicBrush Kid G Specifications

Purpose For children
Number of movements Up to 48 000 movements/min
Power 1× AAA battery
Accessories (included) 2 small heads, 1 medium head, 30 stickers
Timer Yes
Animated video Yes
Brush dimensions 19 mm × 182 mm × 19 mm
Weight 24 g
Additional accessories Spare head - small, medium
Water resistance IPX7