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TrueLife SonicBrush Compact Black

Because you only have one set of teeth

TrueLife AquaFloss Station O300 Ozone

Water flosser station and water ozonation

TrueLife AquaFloss Station S600

Water flosser with base unit

AquaFloss Station

Water flosser


IPL Epilator with three types of lamp head

FitScale W4 BT

Personal smart scale

FitScale W3

Smart scale

AquaFloss Compact

Water flosser

SonicBrush Compact

Sonic toothbrush

Nutrio BP Electric Double

Electric breast pump

Nutrio BP Manual

Manual Breast Pump

Nutrio BP Electric

Electric Breast Pump

TrueLife Nutrio Bra

Special bra for attaching a double breast pump

Invio BW Single

Baby Milk and Baby Food Warmer

Invio BW Double

Baby Milk and Baby Food Warmer

SonicBrush Compact Duo

Sonic toothbrush

NannyCam R360

Digital Video Baby Monitor

NannyCam H32

Digital Video Baby Monitor

NannyCam V24

Digital Video Baby Monitor

TrueLife NannyTone VM Lite

Digital audio baby monitor

TrueLife AquaFloss Lite

Interdental water flosser

SonicBrush Baby G

Sonic brush for kids from 3 to 6

SonicBrush Kid G

Sonic brush for kids from 5 to 9

HeatBlanket 0403

Electric blanket

HeatBlanket 1508

Electric blanket

HeatBlanket 1813

Electric blanket

Care Q10 BT

Non-contact thermometer with three modes and Bluetooth

Care Q9

Non-contact thermometer with three modes

Care Q8

Contactless Thermometer

Care Q7

Contactless Thermometer

Care Q6

Dual mode non-contact thermometer

Oximeter X5 BT

Pulse oximeter with Bluetooth

Oximeter X3



IPL Epilator

FitScale W5 BT

Smart scale

About TrueLife

TrueLife supplies trusted, top-quality health, beauty and infant care products that will become an integral part of your home, making your everyday life easier. TrueLife employs cutting-edge technology to produce goods that are then rigorously tested over an extended period of time. We believe in simplicity and pride ourselves in easy and intuitive operation, taking into account the unique demands of all our clients. Choose TrueLife products with confidence, and treat yourself and your loved ones to the best.