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TrueLife RelaxGun G3

Powerful performance in a compact body

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Whether you're an active athlete in need of muscle relief or someone with a sedentary job looking to alleviate tension and pain, the TrueLife RelaxGun G3 massage gun is the perfect solution. This compact and lightweight device delivers a powerful massage that can help to improve blood flow, release tension, and aid muscle recovery. With 4 interchangeable heads and 4 massage intensities, you can customise your massage experience to target specific areas of pain or soreness. Despite its compact and lightweight design, the RelaxGun G3 delivers an impressive 8 kg of pressure and operates at a frequency of up to 2850 RPM. The Safety Stop function ensures safe usage by automatically slowing down or turning off the device when excessive pressure is applied. And after 15 minutes of use, the massage gun will automatically shut off to prevent overuse. The rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 3 hours of operation, so you can use the TrueLife RelaxGun G3 anywhere, anytime.


Massage heads for all your needs

The TrueLife RelaxGun G3 massage gun is equipped with 4 specialised massage heads. The Flat Head is one of the most used and is for targeting larger muscle groups like the back and thighs. To reach challenging areas like the traps and wrists, the Fork Head features two narrow tips, providing targeted relief and enabling deep muscle massage. The round Ball Head adapts to the contours of your body, making it ideal for almost all muscle areas. suits nearly all muscle areas and conforms to your body's shape. Lastly, the Bullet Head is engineered to precisely target trigger points.

Safe massage

To avoid injury, our massage gun features a Safety Stop function that intelligently slows down or stops the motor when excessive pressure is detected during your massage. Additionally, after 15 minutes of use, the device automatically shuts off, promoting optimal usage and preventing overuse. Operating the massage gun is effortless with its intuitive and user-friendly design, featuring a single button for seamless control.

Powerful and lightweight

The TrueLife RelaxGun G3 boasts a compact and lightweight body that fits comfortably in your hand, while packing a punch with up to 8 kg of pressure. Despite its impressive power, it operates quietly even at a frequency of up to 2850 vibrations per minute, ensuring a peaceful massage experience for everyone. With a 6 mm amplitude and the option to choose from 4 massage intensities, you can customise your massage to suit your preferences. Plus, you won't need to charge it frequently, with the long-lasting lithium battery providing up to 3 hours of continuous use.

  • 4 intensity levels

    Customise your massage with 4 intensity levels ranging from 1800 to 2850 RPM.

  • 8 kg pressure

    Experience effective relief with an impressive 8 kg force.

  • 6 mm amplitude

    Enjoy a pleasant and effective massage with a 6 mm vibration amplitude.

  • 4 massage heads

    Target different areas and techniques with 4 interchangeable heads.

  • Safety Stop function

    Intelligent protection automatically slows or stops the device when pressure is excessive.

  • Long-lasting

    Rechargeable lithium battery offers up to 3 hours of usage time and can be charged via USB-C.

  • Lightweight

    Designed for easy handling and comfort, despite its powerful performance.

Specifications TrueLife RelaxGun G3

Product type Massage gun
Amplitude size 6 mm
Intensity settings 4
Maximum frequency of movements 2850 rpm
Maximum pressure 8 kg
Battery type Lithium 800 mAh (3.7 V)
Maximum battery life 3 h
Battery charging Around 3 h
Function Safety Stop
Inputs USB-C
IP protection IP44
Volume < 60 dB
Motor type Brushless DC motor
Input voltage 5 V, 1 A
Production material ABS
Dimensions 130 × 82 × 40 mm
Weight 272 g

Box contents

  • 1× TrueLife RelaxGun G3
  • 4× Massage heads
  • 1× USB-C cable
  • 1× User manual