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Don’t give tooth decay a chance

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The SonicBrush UV sonic toothbrush is the ultimate in dental care. Using high-frequency sonic technology, it effectively removes plaque from tooth enamel and gums, whilst being much gentler than standard rotating brushes. Four cleaning modes make it even easier to maintain your radiant smile, the integrated UV steriliser destroys 99.9% of bacteria on the brush head and the high-quality battery lasts up to 19 days. Out of the box you get a sonic brush, a charging dock with UV steriliser, three standard heads and a travel case.


Four modes for a beautiful smile

The SonicBrush UV provides four different cleaning modes to take care of all your dental hygiene needs. Clean mode removes plaque from teeth and gums using sonic technology, reducing the risk of tooth decay. Whiten mode adjusts the brush movements to effectively whiten your teeth and remove surface stains. Massage mode stimulates and promotes blood circulation in the gums, improving gum health. And Soft mode offers gentle cleaning for those with sensitive teeth.

80,000 movements per minute and no bacteria

Sonic technology works on the principle of creating gentle vibrations, with the bristles vibrating at high speed to effectively break up and remove plaque. 80,000 movements per minute drives the water and toothpaste into interdental spaces for unrivalled results. Even bacteria hidden in the brush head won’t stand a chance, thanks to the UV steriliser which destroys 99.9% of bacteria in just a few minutes. Proper hygiene begins with a clean brush.

Dental care for the whole family

With three colour-coded brush heads included, the whole family can take advantage of the SonicBrush UV. Both adults and children will appreciate the timer, which guides you through the brushing process, letting you know when it's time to move on to the next part of your mouth and when you’re done, the brush switches off automatically. The battery lasts 17–⁠19 days and takes 24 hours to fully charge. And, of course, the SonicBrush UV is highly water resistant.

  • Latest sonic technology

    Advanced sonic technology uses high frequency vibrations to remove the maximum amount of plaque while being gentle on tooth enamel.

  • Integrated UV steriliser

    UV light disinfects the brush head fast, destroying 99.9% of bacteria. A clean mouth begins with a clean brush.

  • Choice of 4 modes

    Four modes ensure beautiful teeth and healthy gums - whether you want a whiter smile, improved blood flow to your gums or gentler cleaning for sensitive teeth.

  • Automatic timer

    The 2-minute timer lets you know when you’ve spent the right amount of time brushing each part of your mouth and then switches itself off.

  • Even cleaning

    Alerts at 30-second intervals tell you when to move on to the next part of your mouth, ensuring all your teeth are evenly cleaned.

  • 3 brush heads included

    With 3 colour-coded heads included, the SonicBrush UV can be used by the whole family.

  • Wireless charging

    No connectors, no wires. Simply place your SonicBrush UV on the charging dock.

  • Last mode memory

    It remembers the last mode you used to clean your teeth and automatically activates this the next time you brush.


Battery life 17-19 days
Charging Inductive
Accessories (included) 3× standard head, 1× travel case
Timer Yes
Toothbrush dimensions 2,8cm x 25cm x 2,9cm
Dimensions (with UV sterilizer) 14,7cm x 26,2cm x 5,3cm
Toothbrush weight 114g
More accessories Brush heads - Standard, ForKids, Sensitive, White, Interdental
Weight with UV sterilizer 500g
No. of movements Up to 80,000 movements / min
Modes Clean, Soft, Whiten, Massage
Water resistance IPX7

Box contents

  • SonicBrush UV toothbrush
  • Charging dock with UV steriliser
  • 3 UV-series heads - Standard, Sensitive, Whiten
  • Travel case
  • Instructions

Accessories and spare parts