AquaFloss Station

Give yourself a confident smile

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Get a perfect smile, healthy teeth and gums effortlessly. The TrueLife AquaFloss Station water flosser rids you of the lengthy interdental cleaning process. Its nozzle mixes air with drops of water and this cleansing current flows under pressure between your teeth. The result is perfect dental hygiene, cavity and gum disease prevention and a long-lasting feeling of freshness. All without annoying dental floss.


Perfect supplement to brushing

Classic or electric toothbrushes cannot remove all plaque and bacteria from interdental spaces. For this, the TrueLife AquaFloss Station is the specialist – under pressure, it forces a stream of air and water to effectively clean all the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth and remove dental plaque.

Cleaning is fun

Using the TrueLife AquaFloss Station is simple and much more entertaining than the lengthy process of brushing with interdental brushes. Simply place the nozzle into your mouth, select the optimal pressure and in minutes your teeth and gums will be hygienically clean.

Effective prevention of cavities and inflammation

The best dentist is the one you never need to see. The TrueLife AquaFloss Station saves you time, pain and money. You can use plain water or even mouthwash in the reservoir, for added freshness and protection from harmful bacteria.

For all the family

Thanks to its numerous accessories, the TrueLife AquaFloss Station can be used by the whole family. There are three cleaning nozzles, which can be conveniently stored in the lid of the container.

  • Tank for multiple cleanings

    Pour plain water into the reservoir or mouthwash for extra freshness and hygiene. The 600 ml volume is easily enough for a few cleans.

  • 10 pressure levels

    The nozzle has 10 different pressure levels for injecting the water and air mixture into the mouth. Easily choose the optimal strength or ask your dentist for advice.

  • 2 nozzles in the package

    Our water flosser comes with two spare nozzles for other members of your family. In addition, TrueLife offers special heads to purchase to complement your oral hygiene equipment.

  • 360° swivel head

    The nozzle head can rotate fully allowing it to get to the hard-to-reach places in your mouth.

  • Pressure of 30 to 125 PSI

    Sufficient pressure from the new pulse modulation can reliably excite and remove plaque as well as cleanse gums from harmful bacteria.

  • Convenient controls

    Change pressure whilst cleaning on the reservoir and directly on the nozzle itself is a button to stop the water jet.

  • TrueLife – quality guarantee

    With TrueLife products, you are guaranteed to be purchasing a high-quality product that is safe in the field of dental hygiene.

Parameters of TrueLife AquaFloss Station

Resevoir volume 600 ml
Dimensions 155 mm × 135 mm × 215 mm
Power Mains, 100 – 240V 50 / 60 Hz
Water pressure 30 až 125 PSI
No. of nozzles included 2
Waterproof IPX3
Weight 0,7 kg