TrueLife Nutrio BP Electric Double

Electric breast pump

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The TrueLife Nutrio BP Electric Double breast pump is a great supplement to baby care that ensures comfort for you and your baby. Expressing milk from both breasts simultaneously helps manage any shortage or surplus of breast milk much faster than a conventional breast pump, extracting an average of 18% more milk than from each breast separately. With the Nutrio BP Electric Double you can express your milk for later, such as when your baby is asleep or not hungry, and the milk will last up to 48 hours in the fridge. Plus, it doesn't take up space, is simple to disassemble and clean and can easily be taken with you on the go. Our fully-compatible TrueLife Nutrio Bra can be purchased for secure attachment to the pump with it also serving as a nursing bra.

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Express from both breasts at the same time

Drawing milk from both breasts simultaneously, the Nutrio BP Electric Double manages any lack or excess of breast milk much faster than a conventional breast pump and is more convenient for regular use, whether you need to express for health reasons or to save time. With a double breast pump, you can express an average of 18% more milk than from each breast separately and according to research, the milk you get from pumping both breasts at the same time has a higher fat and calorie content. Thanks to our proprietary MilkFlowStimulation® technology, the Nutrio BP Electric Double is also suitable for mothers who have problems with lactation or breastfeeding in general and can also help in situations when your baby won’t latch on to the breast on its own. Operating it and monitoring the process is simple thanks to an intuitive display with touch buttons and a timer. And with three modes and nine suction levels to choose from, you can always adjust it to comfortably suit your needs.

Practical design ideal for home and travel

Easy to disassemble, lightweight and fitting neatly into a changing bag, you can take the breast pump wherever you go. It lasts 150 minutes on a single charge but it can always be plugged into the mains using the adapter that comes included. The soft silicone shield with flexible rim is made of 100% safe BPA-free plastic and the device controls are simple and intuitive to use. The Nutrio BP Electric Double is the perfect aid for mothers who want themselves and their child to enjoy comfort and convenience on the go.

TrueLife Nutrio Bra

A special TrueLife Nutrio Bra can be purchased, making it easy to attach the pump to the breast. This leaves your hands free to comfortably switch between individual modes and suction levels, or to focus on other activities. Plus, as it also doubles as a regular nursing bra, it can be worn the whole day. The bra is available in four sizes and can be purchased as an accessory.

  • 100% BPA free

    Made of high-quality safe plastic and silicone containing no BPA.

  • Suction from both breasts at the same time

    This not only halves the time spent expressing, but also stimulates the mammary gland to produce more milk, leading to an average of 18% more milk with a higher energy content.

  • Efficient

    High suction power and a choice of nine levels ensures comfortable, efficient expressing every time.

  • Special "handsfree" bra

    Purchase the TrueLife Nutrio Bra with special holes to accommodate both suction cups and leave your hands free to focus on other activities.

  • At home and on the road

    Lightweight, compact and lasting 150 minutes on a single charge, makes it also suitable for travel. An adapter to plug it into the mains comes included.

  • Quiet yet powerful

    No manual pumping is required as it uses an electric motor which is both powerful and quiet.

  • 3 × 9 suction levels

    A choice of nine suction levels in each of the three modes (suction/stimulation/massage) means you can adjust it for your comfort.

  • Lactation support with MilkFlowStimulation®

    MilkFlowStimulation® technology aids milk flow and lactation.
    » More about this technology «

  • Easy to operate and clean

    Easy to assemble and simple to use and clean. Just disassemble and sterilize the parts in a sterilizer, such as the TrueLife Invio MS5.

  • Lasts 150 minutes

    Automatically turns off after the preset suction time of 30 minutes and lasts up to 150 minutes on a single charge.

  • 3 modes - suction, stimulation, massage

    As well as regular suction mode, there are stimulation and massage modes, and with nine suction levels to choose from, it can be tailored to your needs.

  • Natural feel

    Supports lactation and mimics the natural process of breastfeeding with two-phase suction technology simulating your baby's sucking rhythm.

  • Soft silicone for maximum comfort

    The silicone breast shield with its smooth, soft and flexible rim adapts to you. It feels comfortable on the skin and alleviates the pain of breast pumping.

  • Breast pads

    10 TrueLife Breast Pads come included. Containing an absorbent layer that reliably removes moisture, they ensure no unwanted stains on your clothes while keeping your skin dry and able to breathe.

Nutrio BP Electric Double Parameters

Type Electric
Volume 300 ml (2× 150 ml)
Extraction system 2 phase
Material BPA free
Display LED with touch buttons
Power supply USB cable
Input 5 V
Power 5 W
Battery capacity 1100 mAh
Battery life 150 minutes
Charging time 107 minutes
Base dimensions 105×105×45 mm
Suction cup dimensions 172×125×88 mm
Weight 670 g (control unit 240 g, 2 ×120 g suction cups, accessories and other parts 190 g)
Operating temperature 10 °C – 40 °C
Operating humidity 40 – 60 %
Storage temperature 5 °C – 25 °C
Features and functions BPA-free, 2-phase suction, adjustable suction intensity - 9 levels, 3 modes - suction/stimulation/massage, MilkFlowStimulation® technology, auto shut-off timer, 2 × 150 ml milk containers, lasts 150 minutes, electric drive, backflow prevention, LED display with touch buttons, quiet operation, ergonomic design, lightweight

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