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MilkFlowStimulation® technologyTechnologie MilkFlowStimulation

TrueLife electric breast pumps are equipped with our MilkFlowStimulation® technology, which automatically puts the device into stimulation mode when switched on, gradually increasing the suction level to stimulate the mammary gland, aiding milk flow and lactation. Once the stimulation is complete, the device automatically enters suction mode.

To aid lactation before suction itself, the device stimulates the mammary gland for a total of two minutes. This process helps the milk flow and the suction to be much more efficient.

The stimulation process starts at suction level 1 and switches up a level every five seconds until it reaches level 9. This takes a total of 40 seconds after which it remains at level 9 until the process reaches 2 minutes. It then switches to suction mode at level 5 and begins standard suction. MilkFlowStimulation® technology has been developed for mothers who have problems with lactation or breastfeeding in general.

Technologie MilkFlowStimulation<sup>®</sup>
Technologie MilkFlowStimulation<sup>®</sup>