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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

What is the difference between an ultrasonic humidifier and a conventional one?

There are 3 main types of humidifiers:

Classic - steam - humidifies the room by producing hot visible water vapour. The water is in gaseous form.

Ultrasonic - a special membrane uses vibrations to create microdroplets of cold visible mist.

With natural humidification - air flows through the constantly wet filter saturated with water. This is so-called invisible humidification.

How often to clean the water tank?

As needed and depending on the hardness of the water, but at least once every 2 weeks. Follow the instructions in the manual for cleaning.

Is the function of the ionizer essential?

In addition to freshening the air, ionization causes dust particles to clump into larger clumps, which then fall to the ground due to their higher weight and can be vacuumed up easily. Ionization is thus a supportive means of air purification.

Can I add essential oil to the humidifier?

Yes, you can add a few drops of your favourite scent for the humidifier to spread along with moisture into the room. However, it is necessary to take into account that the device works mainly as a humidifier, so the degree of scent is not as much as with an aroma diffuser.

Do impurities also evaporate along with the water?

If dust particles and other impurities are trapped in the water, only pure water enters the air during evaporation and the dirt particles remain trapped outside the humidifier or on the surface of the water tank.

The appliance emits less vapour than before. Why?

A smaller volume of vapour released can be caused by impurities (e.g. limescale) in the lower water chamber. In this case, carefully clean the lower chamber, especially the water disperser, according to the instructions.

The problem can also be in the water - if it is old or too dirty, the appliance may not work properly.

The humidity is low and the device cannot increase it. Why?

If you have only been using the humidifier for a few days, it is possible that moisture is still being absorbed by the furniture, floor and other materials. Only after their saturation does the air humidity begin to increase. This phenomenon can last for a week.

It is also possible that the room is too large and the humidifier is designed for smaller spaces. When choosing a humidifier, pay attention to the recommended size of the room that the device will humidify.

Can I pour mineral water into the humidifier instead of tap water?

Mineral water is not suitable for humidifiers due to the fact that the atomizer gets clogged with limescale more quickly.

If you still decide to use mineral water, you need to descale the appliance more often.

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