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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

How often to clean the water tank?

As needed and depending on the hardness of the water, but at least once every 2 weeks. Follow the instructions in the manual for cleaning.

Do impurities also evaporate along with the water?

If dust particles and other impurities are trapped in the water, only pure water enters the air during evaporation and the impurities remain trapped outside the diffuser or on the surface of the water tank.

The appliance emits less vapour than before. Why?

A smaller volume of vapour released can be caused by impurities (e.g. limescale) in the lower water chamber. In this case, carefully clean the lower chamber, especially the water disperser, according to the instructions.

The problem can also be in the water - if it is old or too dirty, the appliance may not work properly.

Can I pour mineral water into the aroma diffuser instead of tap water?

Mineral water is not suitable for humidifiers due to the fact that the atomizer gets clogged with limescale more quickly.

If you still decide to use mineral water, you need to descale the appliance more often.

Water is leaking from the diffuser. Why?

Make sure that the top cover on the device is properly attached. Also check the ambient humidity and temperature. At very low temperatures or very high humidity, water vapour forms more easily, which then settles and forms puddles around the device.

Can I use essential oil if I have allergies?

With proper dilution, there should be no allergic reaction. If you unsure, perform this test. Mix 1 drop of essential oil with a few drops of almond oil and apply to the wrist. Do not use this oil if your skin becomes red.

Is it safe to breathe mist?

Yes, the essential oil breaks down into a fine mist, which is better absorbed by the body and respiratory tract.

How many drops of oil should be used?

TrueLife diffusers use OilFlow® technology. Thanks to this unique technology, two to three drops of essential oil are enough for the entire tank. So you can enjoy your aromatherapy in peace without having to constantly add oil.

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