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TrueLife NannyCam R7 Dual Smart

A really smart babysitter

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Every parent prioritizes their child's safety and well-being around the clock. The TrueLife NannyCam R7 Dual Smart baby monitor assists by creating a secure and closely monitored environment. With its dual technology, the baby monitor connects to both the parent unit and a smartphone or other smart device using our multilingual TrueLife Smart app. When you're away from your little one, the 360° rotating monitor with a wide-angle lens captures every corner and sends sharp 2K images to the 5″ LCD of the parent unit or phone. Offering an unlimited range, you can keep an eye on your child from anywhere and share the account with other family members. The baby monitor's automatic movement tracking and rotation capabilities make it a versatile choice for older children and pets as well.


A baby monitor that doesn't miss a thing

CNo movement goes unnoticed with the wide-angle lens of the TrueLife NannyCam R7 Dual Smart 360° rotating baby monitor. With its ability to see every corner and automatically track and follow movement using TrueLife SmartTrack®, it's ideal for households with older children and pets. The monitor delivers stunning 2K 1296p images to the parent unit's 5″ LCD screen or your phone while capturing images of every movement and sending them to your device. The TrueLife SmartCare® feature provides alerts for movement or sound and monitors temperature, humidity, and even crying. Night vision is automatically activated when darkness falls, maintaining a watchful eye on your loved ones.

Secure at home and on your smartphone

Using dual technology, the baby monitor can be paired with both the parent unit and a smartphone, offering versatile monitoring options. In a home setting, the parent unit is ideal for keeping an eye on your baby. However, if remote monitoring is more convenient, the multilingual TrueLife Smart app provides an unlimited range for monitoring from any location. Sharing your account with multiple family members, such as your partner or grandparents, allows them to watch over your child too. There's no limit to the number of users, and the app's five-layer encryption technology ensures security for smart devices without any risk of information leakage, keeping unauthorised observers at bay.

A stylish guardian of restful sleep

The design of the baby monitor seamlessly integrates into your child's bedroom without causing any disruptions. It provides comfort to your child by playing lullabies, mimicking heartbeats, and allowing you to soothe your baby with your own voice thanks to two-way audio. A multi-coloured nightlight function with various effects further promotes restful sleep and thanks to the flexible universal fixing and wall-mounting kit, you have plenty of placement options. For added convenience, a special TrueLife NannyCam mount can be purchased to attach the monitor to items such as crib frames. If necessary, you can connect an additional camera to the parent unit or up to 16 cameras to the app for extended monitoring coverage.

With the TrueLife Smart app, you won’t miss a thing

Easily pair the TrueLife NannyCam R7 Dual Smart with your smartphone or other smart device using the multilingual TrueLife Smart app. Share your account with other people, such as a partner or grandparents, with no limit to the number of subscribers. Using five-layer security technology and military-grade AES data encryption, the TrueLife Smart app ensures you don't have to worry about outside intrusion. This means your greatest treasure is kept safe and protected.

  • Pairing to both unit and smartphone

    Dual technology allows the baby monitor to be paired not only to the parent unit, but also to a smartphone or other device.

  • 300 m parent unit range

    The parent unit can reach up to 300 m.

  • Unlimited range with the app

    Using the app gives the baby monitor unlimited range.

  • TrueLife Smart App

    Simply pair the QR code with your smartphone and set up everything you need in the multilingual TrueLife Smart app. You can also share your account with other household members.

  • 5″ LCD

    With the parent unit, you get a large and perfectly legible display.

  • Clear 2K picture

    Captures every moment in the highest quality, up to 2K 1296p.

  • Automatic night vision

    The baby monitor features night vision, which automatically switches on after dark.

  • Night light

    Soothing colourful night light with various lighting effects.

  • Vertical and horizontal rotation

    Nothing escapes the wide-angle lens, which has a viewing angle of 110°. With a camera which rotates 345° horizontally and 60° vertically, you have a perfect overview of what's going on in the entire room.

  • TrueLife SmartTrack® motion detection

    As soon as the baby monitor detects movement, it will track it. This feature is particularly useful for older children.

  • TrueLife SmartCare® Monitoring

    This advanced technology detects motion, sound, and crying while monitoring room temperature and humidity, sending alerts to the parent unit as needed.

  • VOX function

    The VOX function acts as a sleep mode, conserving battery life by activating the parent unit display only when it demands your attention.

  • Two-way communication

    Two-way audio not only records even the slightest sound from your baby's room but also allows you to remotely soothe your child with your voice.

  • Lullabies

    3 lullabies and the heartbeat simulation.

  • Smartphone notifications

    Receive notifications on your phone via the app, alerting you to movement, sound and crying.

  • Anti-hacking security

    The app employs a robust five-layer encryption technology, including military-grade AES data encryption, triple-check authorization and authentication, a two-code dynamic key, and https channel encryption to guarantee network traffic security and prevent information leakage.

  • Attach anywhere

    Out of the box, you get a wall mounting kit. A practical TrueLife NannyCam Holder is also available, which can be simply wrapped around the cot.

  • Up to 16 cameras for greater visibility

    The parent unit can be paired with an additional camera and the TrueLife Smart app can even handle up to 16 cameras at once.


Viewing angle 110°
Horizontal rotate 345° (allows 360° viewing)
Vertical rotate 60° (allows 165° viewing)
Automatic night vision Yes (visibility up to 10 m)
Video format MP4, H.264 compression
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz (does not support 5 GHz band)
Video resolution 2K (2304px × 1296px)
HD (1280px × 720px)
Battery life of parent unit 5h 30 minutes
Max. microSD card capacity 128 GB
Power input Micro USB (necessary adapters and cables included)
Energy consumption 5 V, 1 A
Dimensions (child unit) 77×90×140 mm
Dimensions (parent unit) 81×16×160 mm
Weight (child unit) 285 g
Weight (parent unit) 191 g
Optional accessories Holder - TrueLife NannyCam Holder
Second baby unit
Other features Pairing to unit and phone using dual technology, unlimited range with online Wi-Fi display, TrueLife Smart app in English, lullabies including heartbeat sound, automatic night vision, nightlight with colour backlight, two-way communication, TrueLife SmartCare® technology (with motion, sound, and cry detection), temperature and humidity detection, notifications on the parent unit and on your smartphone, feeding alerts, TrueLife SmartTrack® technology for motion tracking and rotation, VOX mode (sleep mode)
App features Unlimited range thanks to internet connection, lullabies including heartbeat sound, automatic night vision, two-way communication, motion, sound and temperature detection (displayed as notifications), motion tracking and rotation, photo and video capturing (saved in the gallery), 24/7 continuous video recording to microSD card, video transmission quality adjustment (SD/HD), image zoom, volume adjustment, account sharing for multiple household members, anti-hacking with five-layer security technology, optional cloud storage

Box contents

  • NannyCam R7 Dual Smart Camera
  • Parent unit
  • 2× Micro USB cable
  • 2× power adapter
  • Accessories for wall mounting
  • Instructions and safety instructions
  • Reset pin