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TrueLife Oximeter X5 BT

Pulse oximeter with Bluetooth

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The Truelife Oximeter X5 BT is a small, practical device that makes it easy to instantly and painlessly read your blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and perfusion index. Perfect for people with respiratory disease, heart disease, asthma, as well as athletes, the device is simply placed on the finger. Readings are then clearly shown on the OLED display with adjustable brightness and 6 display modes. The Oximeter X5 BT accurately measures your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation painlessly in the comfort of home, without the need to see a doctor. With integrated Bluetooth, it can then be paired with your smartphone and the readings stored in a mobile app.

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Instantly check blood oxygen saturation

The TrueLife Oximeter X5 BT provides precise measurement of blood oxygen saturation, blood hemoglobin and heart rate, with the readings instantly and clearly displayed on the integrated screen. Although especially suitable for patients with respiratory or heart disease, as well as athletes, it has a place in every household.

Simple measurement in the comfort of home

Our oximeter enables you to measure your blood oxygen saturation in the comfort of home and without pain. Simply clip it on your finger and the reading is displayed on the screen in just a few seconds.

Adjustable OLED display and Bluetooth

Readings are clearly displayed on the customizable OLED screen. Choose from 6 display options, adjust brightness, audible alerts or heart rate beep. Thanks to integrated Bluetooth, the oximeter can be paired with your smartphone so all data can be accessed in the app, including a simple graph of measurement history, that you can then share with a doctor or family.

  • SpO2 reading

    Check blood hemoglobin oxygen saturation in a matter of seconds, without having to see a doctor.

  • Heart rate measurement

    The reading is displayed on-screen and can be accompanied by a beep.

  • Highly accurate

    Special sensors mean the oximeter can measure SPO2 with an accuracy of ± 2%.

  • Perfusion index

    Our oximeter can also determine the perfusion index value which indicates the pulse strength at the sensor site.

  • 6 display modes

    Choose between 6 modes to display the results.

  • Audible indicator

    The oximeter can warn you whenever the SPO2 is higher than your set value.

  • OLED display

    All readings are clearly shown on the integrated OLED display, which offers several display options and adjustable brightness.

  • Compact design

    Take it anywhere you go.

  • Certified medical device

    The TrueLife Oximeter X5 BT meets all requirements in order to be classified as a medical device. Its accuracy is clinically proven.

  • Painless

    Using the oximeter is simple, fast and completely painless. Readings can be taken in seconds from the comfort of home.

  • Low power consumption

    Smart power management and auto-off mean the two included AAA batteries will last you up to 32 hours.

  • Auto-off

    Saves battery life and prevents you from inadvertently leaving it switched on.

  • Practical case

    A case comes included that can be attached to your belt or worn around the neck.

  • For all ages

    Suitable for children and adults as it fits all sizes of finger and is lined with a silicone hypoallergenic material.

  • Bluetooth connectivity

    Pair with your smartphone and store all measurement data in the mobile app.

  • Mobile app

    Monitor all the data directly in the app, displayed clearly on a graph.

  • Shared results

    Keep all results at your fingertips in the app and easily share them with your doctor or family.

Oximeter X5 BT Specifications

Type Finger clamp
Measurement range - oxygen saturation 1 - 100%
Measurement range - heart rate 0 - 250 bpm
Measurement deviation - oxygen saturation 70 - 100% SpOh2, ± 2%
Measurement deviation - heart rate 30 - 250 bpm, ± 2 bpm
Power 2× 1,5V AAA batteries
Auto-off Yes
Bluetooth Yes
Mobile app Yes
Dimensions 62 × 37 × 32 mm
Weight 42,5 g