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TrueLife Pulse B-Vision

Digital blood pressure monitor with stand

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High precision, elegantly designed blood pressure monitor. The TrueLife Pulse B-Vision monitors blood pressure, stores readings for two separate users, and looks great. Storing up to 120 measurements for each user, it has a unique, high-contrast LED display, which is easy to read even in the dark. Controlling the device is simple with the 3 dedicated buttons and it can be easily stored in the practical stand that comes included. Thanks to the speaking feature, you can hear the readings and there is even an irregular heartbeat indicator. As it is powered by three batteries, it can be easily taken on your travels.


Monitors your health

Using oscillometric pressure measurement, the TrueLife Pulse B-VIsion is highly accurate. It can be used by two separate users, storing 120 readings for each, making it ideal if you want to keep track of your levels. The irregular heart rate detector monitors your pulse for irregularities and the speaking function can read out the results.

Unique and practical design

Unique in design, the TrueLife Pulse B-Vision is the winner of a prestigious design award and its large high-contrast black and white LED display makes it easy to read. Out of the box you get a practical stand for convenient storage.

Easy to operate and use

Ideal for use away from home and on your travels. As the device is powered by standard alkaline batteries, no power supply is needed and operation is easy with the three dedicated buttons.

  • LED display

    Results are clearly displayed and visible even in the dark thanks to the white-on-black contrast.

  • Compact portable stand

    Includes a portable stand to store the monitor and cuff.

  • Automatic controls

    No need to adjust the settings, take a reading at the touch of a button.

  • Irregular heart rate detector

    Monitors your heart rate and alerts you to any irregularities.

  • Motion detector

    If significant movement is detected when taking a reading, the monitor will alert to take a new one.

  • Accurate measurements

    The oscillometric method ensures fast and accurate readings.

  • Stores 2× 120 readings

    2 unique users with up to 120 measurements stored for each. Monitor your blood pressure values over long periods of time.

  • WHO colour scale

    The results of each reading are calculated according to the WHO (World Health Organisation) system, displayed by a colour scale and graph. This allows for a clear and simple assessment.‎

  • Displays average values

    Calculates and displays the average values from the last three measurements.

  • Universal cuff size

    The cuff can be adjusted from 22 to ⁠44 cm to fit all arm widths.

  • Speaking feature

    Guides you through the measuring process and then reads out your results.

  • Auto-off

    Switches itself off after a short time when not in use.

  • Portable

    Battery operation allows for use over extended periods without a mains power supply.

  • Two power options

    Power it using standard batteries or via the USB-C port.

  • WHO clinical accuracy certification

    The device has been tested and certified by the World Health Organization (WHO), meeting global clinical standards and protocols.


Type On the arm
Measurement method Oscillometric
Cuff size 22-42 cm
Hose length 70 cm
Memory 2× 120 readings
High blood pressure detector Yes – with colour graphics
Functions Averaging, irregular heartbeat detector, automatic power-off, motion detector, coloured graph readings, voice assistance
Connectivity No
Display LED
Display size 62,5 × 63,5 mm
Pressure measurement range 40-230 mmHg
Pulse measurement range 40-170 beats/min
Measurement accuracy ± 3 mmHg
Pulse measurement accuracy ± 5 %
Batteries 3× 1.5 V AA battery / 100-240 V
Dimensions 123 × 82 × 25 mm
Weight 505 g
Certified medical device YES
Accessories power adapter (not included)