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TrueLife FitScale W7 BT Black

Track your body's metrics with precision

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Achieving optimal health requires a deep understanding of your body. The TrueLife FitScale W7 BT smart scale provides this by not only measuring your weight, but also performing a diagnostic bioelectrical impedance analysis that calculates 19 different body metrics - 7 of which can be viewed directly on the scale’s clear colour LCD display. Using the accompanying app and connecting the scale to your smartphone via Bluetooth gives you even more detailed insights into your body composition. Constructed with durable tempered ITO glass and with a load capacity of up to 180 kg, this scale is a comprehensive tool for monitoring your health.


Discover the secrets of your body

The FitScale W7 BT is a smart scale that helps you monitor more than just your weight, it keeps track of 19 different body metrics to give you a better understanding of how your body works. Instantly see your body fat ratio and your body's energy requirements, and thanks to the smartphone app, you’ll be able to track changes in body composition, water, fat, and bone mass. With the FitScale W7 BT, you’ll get comprehensive diagnostics in the comfort of home.

Even better performance with the app

Perfect for the whole family, the FitScale W7 BT automatically recognises up to 8 users and allows for easy comparison of results. Once you’ve downloaded the multilingual app, it’s even simpler. In addition to comprehensive statistics for each user, you can compare data or track progress and trends on graphs, and get detailed descriptions of all the metrics. The app can be synced with popular health apps, such as Apple Health Kit, Fitbit, and Google Fit. Plus, you can set handy notifications and weigh-in reminders, and the scale can even be used for your children.

Precision and durability in an elegant design

The FitScale W7 BT smart scale boasts a sleek and minimalist design that will complement any bathroom. Built with hardened ITO glass, the scale is not only durable but also features better conductivity and more sensitive sensors - this means you won't have to stand precisely on designated electrodes to get accurate readings. With a weighing deviation of only 0.1 kg and a load capacity of 180 kg, the FitScale W7 BT provides precise measurement for each user.

  • 19 body metrics

    Track and understand your body like never before. 19 body metrics are analyzed and displayed in the accompanying app, giving you a complete picture of your health.

  • Colour LCD display

    Easily view your results on the clear colour display with the option to switch between weight units.

  • Fast on-screen diagnostics

    Instantly view 7 body metrics, even without the smartphone app.

  • Up to 8 users

    Store the data of up to 8 users, making it easy to monitor and compare progress.

  • User recognition

    The FitScale W7 BT automatically recognizes up to 8 different users.

  • Sync with popular apps

    Easily share your data with Apple Health Kit, Google Fit and Fitbit through the smartphone app.

  • Clear graphs and statistics

    Track your progress in the app by viewing saved data in simple graphs.

  • Health report

    Get a detailed report of all metrics and clearly visualize changes.

  • Complete history

    Monitor your progress in the app with a complete data history.

  • Premium ITO glass top

    Built with a premium ITO glass top, it’s both durable and sensitive, and ensures accurate readings without having to position on specific electrodes.

Specifications FitScale W7 BT Black

Scale type Bluetooth bioimpedance scale
Measurement method Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)
Number of measurable indices 19 in app / 7 on display
No. of users 8
Weighing range 0.2 ~ 180 kg
Maximal load capacity 180 kg
Maximum deviation 0.1 kg
Measured metrics Weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), BFR (Blood Flow Restriction), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), muscle frequency, muscle mass, body water ratio, skeletal mass, body protein, metabolic age, visceral fat, standard weight, weight control, body fat ratio, fat-free weight, obesity level, body type, protein value, score
Smartphone app Yes
Display Colour LCD
Connectivity Bluetooth
Compatibility iOS, Android
Synchronization Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, Fitbit
Power supply 4x AAA, 6 V
Power consumption / stand by < 50 mA / < 100 uA
Auto-off Yes
Production material Tempered ITO glass + ABS
Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 300 x 300 x 24.5 mm
Colour White, black

Package contents

  • TrueLife FitScale W7 BT Black
  • 4× AAA batteries
  • User manual