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TrueLife FitScale W3

Full body composition analysis

More informations + Less informations ✖

Is swimsuit season fast approaching? Or perhaps you just want to keep in shape? With the TrueLife FitScale W3, you’ll understand your body in detail. Measuring the proportion of fat, water and muscle in your body as well as weight, you’ll know exactly how you’re progressing. With a stylish design and high-quality workmanship, it fits perfectly in any bathroom.


Track your progress

The composition of your body greatly affects your health, fitness and form. Using Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA), the FitScale W3 scale measures the percentage and mass of muscle, fat, water and bone in your body. This provides the information you need to better understand your body and prepare a tailor-made training plan. Athletes can take full advantage of the extra details provided in Athlete Mode.

Sleek design, exceptional workmanship

Manufactured from premium materials, the TrueLife FitScale W3 is a stylish complement to your bathroom or bedroom. The platform is made from tempered glass, ensuring its built to last and its sleek white finish provides the look of luxury that fits perfectly into any interior. Weight is clearly displayed in large text on the easy-to-read LCD screen.

For the whole family

As the FitScale W3 recognizes up to 8 unique users, it can be used by the entire household. Calculating BMI index and other stats, you’ll instantly see the progress you’ve made, plus, you can easily set your target weight and get valuable feedback on your progress towards your goal.

  • Tracks seven metrics

    At a glance, you'll know exactly how you’re doing. As well as BMI it calculates stats, such as the amount of muscle or fat you have in your body.

  • Splash resistant

    No need to worry about leaving it in the bathroom.

  • Set your goal and reach it

    Your own personal trainer helps you achieve your desired weight or body composition. Get feedback after each measurement.

  • Athlete mode

    Do you do a lot of sport? Using a special algorithm, athlete mode will help you to achieve your sporting goals even more easily.

  • Premium glass platform

    Tempered glass covers the entire top surface of the scale. It looks great and is built to last.

  • Up to 8 users

    Automatically detects up to 8 different users and displays their individual measurements.

  • TrueLife design

    High-quality workmanship with a simple design, this smart scale is a stylish complement to your home.

FitScale W3 Parameters

Maximum load 180 kg
Scale type Intelligent diagnostic (with functions)
Measurement method Bioelectrical impedance analysis
No. of metrics 7
Metric type Mass, BMI, body fat, body water, muscle mass, skeletal mass, calorie
Mobile app No
Compatible batteries AAA
Colour White