TrueLife Care Q9

Non-contact thermometer with three modes

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Having to hold a thermometer under your armpit or tongue is a thing of the past. The TrueLife Care Q9 non-contact thermometer makes it easy to take your temperature when you’re ill. Plus, you’ll get the reading within 1 second to an accuracy of ±0.2 °C. With three measurement modes, the Care Q9 enables you to measure precise body temperature from the forehead or in-ear, as well as of objects or liquids without making contact. Readings are then clearly shown on the LCD display with a colour indicator and audible alert. Ideal for travel due its small size, the thermometer lasts 20,000 measurements per set of batteries and can store 20 readings.

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In-ear, forehead and with a special kid’s mode

With three modes, the Care Q9 can measure body temperature as well as the temperature of objects, surfaces or liquids. This makes it easy to check baby food or tea. Body temperature can either be taken in-ear or on the forehead and there is a dedicated kid’s mode for under 12s.

Accurate, fast and convenient

With the TrueLife Care Q9 thermometer, you don't have to wait. Utilising infrared radiation, you’ll get a reading within 1 second of pressing the button to the nearest 0.2 °C. As it is non-contact, it is both hygienic and convenient, and taking a reading is as simple as pointing the thermometer at the centre of the forehead or in the ear and pressing the button. This also means that if you need to take your baby's temperature, you can even do it while they sleep. The colour indicator will alert you to an elevated temperature and is visible even in the dark.

Easy to use with a long battery life

Both practical and portable, the thermometer lasts for up to 20,000 measurements on a single set of batteries. Readings are taken at the touch of a button with everything clearly displayed on the LCD screen, and it’s ready to use immediately out of the box. Plus, it comes included with a handy case for storing the device.

  • Accuracy of ± 0.2 °C

    Infrared technology and special sensors mean precise measurements.

  • Two body temperature modes

    For maximum precision you can take a reading from the forehead and or in-ear using the magnetic sensor.

  • Measures the temperature of objects and liquids

    Take the temperature of objects or liquids up to 100 °C. The thermometer is a great aid when heating baby food.

  • Stores 20 readings

    Easily monitor temperature changes.

  • Children's mode

    The thermometer offers a dedicated kid's mode for under 12s. When activated the baby icon appears on the display.

  • 20,000 measurements

    The included batteries are enough for up to 20,000 individual readings.

  • Auto-off

    Saves battery power.

  • Results in 1 second

    No need to wait. Get the reading within 1 second of pressing the button.

  • Easy to use

    Take a reading at the touch of a button.

  • Silent mode

    Perfect for when your child is sleeping.

  • Practical fabric case

    The included case prevents dust getting on the sensors, extending the life of the product.

  • Colour indicator and backlit display

    Be alerted to an elevated temperature even in the dark.

  • Elevated temperature indication

    When the thermometer detects an elevated temperature, it will alert you with a colour indicator and an audible alert.

  • Certified medical device

    The TrueLife Care Q9 thermometer meets all requirements to be classified as a medical device.

Care Q9 Specifications

Type Non-contact
Application Forehead, in-ear, objects, liquids
Modes Adult, child
Measurement speed < 1s
Measurement units Celsius, Fahrenheit
Measurement range - body mode 35.0 – 42.2 °C
Measurement range - object/liquid mode 0 – 100 °C
Max. deviation - body temperature ± 0.2 °C
Max. deviation - object/liquid ± 1.0 °C
Memory 20 readings
Power 2× 1.5V AAA batteries
Distance of sensor from object 1 - 3 cm
Auto-off Yes
Dimensions 155.2 × 39,6 × 49.1 mm
Weight 101 g