NannyWatch A15

Baby monitor on your wrist

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The TrueLife NannyWatch A15 is a revolutionary baby monitor that is always at hand. In fact, it fits directly on your wrist. The parent unit is a watch that you simply strap onto your wrist and the baby unit is then placed with your child. With a stable signal, a range of up to 300m, night vision and room temperature monitoring, you'll get a complete overview of your child’s wellbeing and won't miss a single laugh or hiccup.


A great supplement to childcare

Baby monitors have been standard for some time. But the TrueLife NannyWatch A15 brings true innovation to childcare. Keep watch over your baby at all times with just a quick glance at your wrist.

Keep both hands free

The parent unit is like a watch, you’ll get used to it in no time, you can always see it and you don’t have to carry anything bulky around with you. With a range of up to 300 metres you can easily move around the apartment or house without losing sight of what is happening in the nursery.

Clear display

The watch display is large, high-quality and easy to use. Whether your baby is sleeping or crying, you'll instantly see everything you need, as quickly as checking the time on your watch.

  • Reliable transmission and range up to 300 metres

    Turn the baby monitor on and place it next to your baby. The watch with its display then fits neatly on the wrist, so it's always with you. Video and audio transmission work reliably up to 300 metres so you’ll have peace of mind even when sitting with friends on the terrace while your baby sleeps.

  • Room temperature monitoring

    No need to worry whether your baby is too cold or hot. Check the current room temperature at any time on the watch display.

  • Automatic night vision

    By automatically switching your baby monitor to night vision after dark, you have a perfect view of your child night and day.

  • Two-way audio

    Not only will you not miss a single sound from your baby's room, but thanks to the two-way audio transmission, you can also soothe your crying baby with your voice from the next room.

  • No limits, even away from a power outlet

    Trips to the countryside are no problem with the baby monitor. Just connect the baby unit to a power bank and you can even keep an eye on your baby even in a tent.

  • Long battery life

    You can rest assured that the battery in the parent unit watch is powerful enough to last the whole day long.

  • Lullabies

    In addition to two-way audio, which allows you to comfort your child, you can also choose one of the soothing melodies.

  • Keep watch wherever you go

    Keep your baby monitor at your fingertips and check on your little one as easily as checking the time, with a single glance.

  • Feeding time

    The feeding alarm allows you to set the time you want to feed your baby. The watch will then automatically notify you.

  • VOX mode saves battery and vibrates

    In VOX mode, after a short period of silence, the display turns off and the audio volume is reduced to save battery power. However, as soon as the monitor detects crying or any other noise, the display will activate and the watch will alert you by vibrating.

  • Simple controls in EN

    The baby monitor has an integrated easy-to-use menu in English so you’ll never get lost.

NannyWatch A15 specifications

Range (under optimal conditions) Up to 300 m
LCD display 1,5" colour
Operating temperature -10 ~ 45°C
Operating humidity < 85 %
LCD display resolution 240 × 240 / 20fps
Parent base battery Li-Polymer 390 mAh
Night vision YES (range up to 5 m)
Two-way communication (Talk back) YES
Night vision function YES
Volume control YES
VOX mode YES
VOX mode sensitivity control YES
Range loss indicator YES
Parent base battery indicator YES
Room temperature indicator YES
Alarm YES
Melody (lullabies) YES
USB charging from external sources (powerbank) YES
Wall mountable YES
Dimensions of parent base 69 × 126 × 69 mm (W × H × D)
Dimensions of child base 69 × 136 × 73 mm (W × H × D)
Frequency 2,4 GHz

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