NannyTone VM1

Audio Baby Monitor

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The Truelife NannyTone VM1 is a digital audio baby monitor with two-way audio transmission, built-in thermometer and a night light. You'll appreciate this baby monitor not just at home, but also on your travels. The baby unit can be powered by plugging it into a socket or a power bank and it even takes standard batteries. The parent unit comes with 3 rechargeable batteries right out of the box. With reliable signal transmission of up to 500 metres, your child is always supervised and you won’t miss a single laugh or hiccup. Plus, Push to Talk lets you talk to your child at any time from the next room at the touch of a button.


Clear display

The display of the parent unit is simple and easy to read, with only 4 buttons for intuitive baby monitor control. Instantly respond to your baby's needs, whether you want to turn on the night light, check the temperature or play a soothing melody.

Push to talk

The NannyTone is not just for listening in to the sounds coming from your baby's room. The Push to Talk feature provides two-way audio. So, if necessary, you can comfort your child with your own voice from wherever you are sitting.

Ideal for travel

Thanks to micro USB, the baby unit can be plugged into a socket or a power bank, plus it can be powered using standard AAA batteries. All this with a 100% safety guarantee for your little one. The parent unit also comes included with three rechargeable batteries. Together with the low-power VOX mode, this makes the NannyTone VM1 the ideal baby monitor for travel.

  • Low signal detection

    If you are too far from the baby unit and the signal is lost, you’ll be alerted by a blinking signal icon on the parent unit display and a warning tone.

  • Long battery life and VOX power saving mode

    The NannyTone baby monitor batteries last up to 40 hours, thanks to VOX power saving mode which automatically switches the unit off when your baby is asleep. It is reactivated when sound is detected.

  • Night light

    The baby unit is equipped with a small night light, which can be easily operated using the bulb button on the parent unit.

  • Range up to 500 metres

    Turn the baby unit on, place it next to your child and take the parent unit with you. Audio transmission works reliably up to 500 metres so you can rest easy even when sitting with friends on the terrace whilst your little one sleeps.

  • Monitoring the room temperature

    No need to worry if your child is too hot or cold. You can check the current room temperature at any time on the baby monitor display.

  • Reliable transmission and stable signal

    Unlike other baby monitors, with the NannyTone no mains power is required. With a powerful battery and reliable signal, you can safely move away from the power source with the parent unit.

  • Choice of 6 lullabies

    In addition to the two-way audio that allows you to calm your baby with your own voice, you can also play one of the six soothing melodies.

  • Two-way audio

    Not only will you not miss a single sound from your baby's room, thanks to the two-way audio transmission, you can also soothe your crying baby with your own voice from the next room.

NannyTone VM1 specifications

Range (under optimal conditions) Up to 500 m
LCD display 1,1"
Operating temperature 0 ~ 40 °C
Two-way communication (Talk back) Yes
Volume control Yes
VOX mode Yes
Range loss indicator Yes
Parent base battery indicator Yes
Room temperature indicator Yes
Melody (lullabies) Yes
Dimensions of parent base 117 × 56 × 35 mm (W × H × D)
Dimensions of child base 50 × 76 mm (W × ∅)
Frequency 2.4 GHz ~ 2.483 GHz
Charging Parent Unit
  • 220V adapter + micro USB cable (included)
  • 3×AAA rechargeable battery (included)
  • Power bank - alternative power supply (not included)
Charging Baby Unit
  • 220V adapter + micro USB cable (included)
  • Ordinary 3×AAA batteries without charging function (not included)
  • Power bank - alternative power supply (not included)
Functions Low signal detection, long battery life, VOX power saving mode, night light, range up to 500 metres, room temperature monitor, reliable transmission and stable signal, selection of 6 Lullabies, two-way audio

*The parent unit is built for the supplied battery type AAA only. For safety reasons, avoid using batteries other than those supplied!
*The baby unit can not be charged.