Breast Pads

Comfort in every situation

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Whilst breastfeeding, leaking milk can cause uncomfortable situations as well as destroying bras and other items of clothing. Prevent this with the disposable TrueLife Breast Pads, which ensure comfort and discretion at all times.


Dry skin day and night

TrueLife Breast Pads contain an absorbent layer that removes moisture. As a result, there are no unwanted stains on your clothes and your skin remains dry and can breathe.

Comfort and discretion

The 3D design of the breast pads ensures comfort and discretion at all times. The adhesive tape makes sure that the breast pad holds firmly in place and a special adhesive means your clothes won’t get stained.

Maximum hygiene

Individually wrapped to ensure the pad is uncontaminated. Take only the amount you need on your trips, and it will fit neatly in your purse or bag.

  • Superabsorbent material

    The breast pads reliably remove moisture.

  • 3D design for perfect grip

    Ensures comfort and discretion.

  • Triple layer for comfort day and night

    Your skin stays dry and can breathe.

  • Adhesive tape

    Keeps the breast pads firmly in place in every situation. The special adhesive leaves your clothes stain-free.

  • Individually wrapped for maximum hygiene

    Minimizes contact with the environment before use.


Weight 3 g
Diameter 125 mm

Box contents

  • 100× breast pad