Care Q8

Accurate readings without the wait

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Simplified temperature measurement for flu or colds. The Truelife Care Q8 contactless thermometer can measure the temperature of you or your child in a second. Thanks to its high-quality sensor, the measurement is extremely accurate - deviation ± 0,1 °C. Determine and monitor an elevated temperature or fever with certainty.

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Temperature readings even in sleep

The TrueLife Care Q8 thermometer uses an infrared beam to take readings. This, unlike mercury, is totally safe and extremely fast. You get the temperature reading within 0.5 seconds. The data is displayed on the large, backlit display. So, it's no problem at all to take the temperature during sleep. The display also responds by changing colour when a fever is detected.

Use it every day

In addition to measuring body temperature, the TrueLife Care Q8 can also measure the temperature of other objects and surfaces - such as baby food or tea. This ensures that you and your child won't get burnt. Non-contact measurements are also totally hygienic. The ideal measurement distance is 5 to 15 centimetres.

Lasts for years and easy to operate

Taking readings using IR technology is very economical. One set of batteries can take up to 40,000 measurements. It can be easily operated by anyone - the reading is taken at the touch of a button. The thermometer is ready for use immediately out of the box. No calibration, no delay, instant readings. The thermometer body is also practically designed and portable.

  • Express measurement

    The TrueLife Care Q8 measures temperature fast. You’ll get the result in half a second.

  • Highly accurate

    The thermometer measures to tenths of a degree with a maximum deviation of ± 0,1 °C.

  • High temperature warning

    The thermometer will alert you to a high temperature and fever using audible and colour signals.

  • Body temperature and surroundings

    The thermometer can also be used to measure the temperature of food, liquids or any surface. Just hold it at a distance of 5 to 15 centimetres.

  • 40 thousand readings per battery

    Thanks to optimization and the automatic shutdown function, the thermometer can take up to 40,000 readings per battery set.

  • Backlit colour LCD display

    All the data is clearly displayed in large digits on the LCD display and is legible even in the dark.

  • One-touch control

    Taking a reading is simple. Just press a single button.

  • Stored readings

    Your thermometer stores up to 50 readings of you or your child.

  • Easy to use

    The thermometer is ready to take readings right out of the box. No calibration or adjustment is required. Thanks to contactless measurement, maintenance is easy - the thermometer does not have to be washed or cleaned after use.

Specification Table

Audible signal Yes
Colour Display Yes
Measurement time 0,5 s
Measurement method Body / Surface
Measurement memory Yes
Thermometer type Non-contact infrared
Battery life About 40,000 measurements
Battery 2× 1,5V AA
Weight 117 g