Care Q5

Non-contact thermometer on the go

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Non-contact thermometers measure your body temperature accurately in a split second. Ours, the TrueLife Care Q5 is also ultra-compact, making it perfect on the go. Modern IR technology ensures accurate readings with a maximum deviation of ± 0.2 °C. Plus, it measures in two ways, both contactless and inside the ear.

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Monitor temperature anywhere

Travelling with young children can be a challenge. But with the TrueLife Care Q5 you have less to worry about. In a split second, you can easily take your temperature or that of your child. A change in display colour quickly alerts you to an elevated temperature or fever.

Convenient measurement

Thanks to contactless technology, you simply point the thermometer to the forehead or insert it into the ear and press the button. Your child will remain peacefully asleep. No more holding the thermometer in the armpit for ages - you’ll get the reading in an instant. Not only this, the TrueLife Care Q5 also displays room temperature when in power saving mode.

Long-lasting and compact

The TrueLife Care Q5’s looks are reminiscent of classic mercury or digital thermometers. But it’s faster and easier to use. For example, thanks to IR technology, the thermometer doesn’t need to be washed after each use. Its battery lasts for thousands of readings and its compact dimensions ensure that you can keep it with you at all times.

  • Measure temperature in a split second

    Modern infrared technology measures temperature multiple-times faster than other digital and mercury thermometers.

  • 2 measurement modes

    Temperature readings can be taken contactless by aiming it at the forehead or inside the ear.

  • High temperature warning

    The thermometer will alert you to a high temperature and fever using audible and colour signals.

  • One-button control

    The thermometer is extremely simple to use. One button does it all.

  • Backlit LCD display

    View the readings on a bright colour backlit LCD display, which is easy to read even in the dark.

  • Travel dimensions

    Its shape resembles that of a traditional digital thermometer so it fits easily in any bag.

  • Accurate measurement

    The thermometer measures in tenths of a degree Celsius with a maximum deviation of ± 0,2 °C.

  • Convenient use

    As the reading is taken at a distance, the thermometer does not need to be washed or cleaned after each use.

  • Smart shutdown

    The thermometer automatically turns off after taking a reading to save battery power. The battery lasts for up to 40,000 measurements.

  • Clock function

    Thanks to the clock displayed in stand-by mode, you can easily remember when you last took your or your child’s temperature.

  • Last reading

    The thermometer will show you the last reading taken when you turn it on, so you’ll know exactly of any changes. No need to write down the readings of you and your child.

Specification Table

Audible signal Yes
Colour Display Yes
Measurement time 0,5 s
Measurement range 32,0 °C – 42,9 °C
Measurement method Forehead / Ear
Measurement memory Yes
Thermometer type Non-contact infrared
Battery life About 40,000 measurements
Battery 1× 3V CR2032