TrueLife AIR Humidifier H3

2 in 1 humidifier

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If you suffer from dry air at home, the TrueLife AIR Humidifier H3 is the simple solution, and not just in colder months. Operation is simple and as it’s top filling, you’ll avoid spills as you won’t need to carry around the water tank. Working on the principle of ultrasound, it converts the water in the tank into a fine mist, humidifying the air in the room to the optimal level fast. In addition to consuming less energy, ultrasonic technology is quiet, with the humidifier never exceeding 35 dB. Plus, the humidifier also functions as a diffuser. Just add a few drops of essential oil into the dedicated slot and the humidifier will fill the room with your favourite fragrance using our OilFlow® technology.


A healthy and fragrant household

Using ultrasonic technology, the TrueLife AIR Humidifier H3, converts the water in the tank into a fine mist, which then mixes with the air in the room. With almost immediate effect, the air will have an optimal humidity of 40-60%. Ideal levels of humidity have a beneficial effect on the airways and can help ease problems with dry skin, eczema and asthma. Thanks to the essential oil slot and our OilFlow® technology, you can also easily fill the room with your favourite fragrance.

Long-lasting, quiet

With a water tank capacity of 3 L, the humidifier will last for up to 24 hours of continuous use at maximum output. And thanks to its low noise level of 35 dB, you can even leave the humidifier on at night without disturbing your sleep. When it detects low water levels, the humidifier switches itself off and there is no risk of short circuiting or overheating.

Easy to use, top filling

Intuitive controls make the device easy to operate. Just open the lid, fill the tank with water, plug the humidifier into the mains, and use the control knob to turn on the humidifier and set the desired mist intensity. Plus, you can add essential oils to introduce a pleasant aroma to the room. The humidifier automatically monitors the amount of water in the tank, and switches itself off when the level is low. A top filling humidifier is an advantage, as you won't have to carry around a water tank and will avoid spills.

  • Ultrasonic technology

    The humidifier converts water into a fine mist, which humidifies the air in the room to an optimal 40–60%. This technology combines high efficiency with low energy consumption.

  • Top filling

    Simply fill the humidifier by opening the lid and pouring water into the tank. No need to drag a full tank around and place undue strain on your back.

  • Essential oil diffuser

    Just add a few drops of essential oil to the special slot and the humidifier will scent the room with your favourite fragrance.

  • OilFlow® technology

    Thanks to our unique OilFlow® technology, just two to three drops of essential oil are enough. Enjoy aromatherapy without constantly adding oil.

  • Auto-off at low water levels

    The humidifier monitors the water level in the tank and when there is not enough, it alerts you and switches off automatically.

  • Adjustable mist intensity

    Simply set the ideal amount of mist using the control knob.

  • Up to 24 hours of operation

    Leave the humidifier on overnight.

  • Water tank capacity of 3L

    No need to keep refilling the tank. The water will last for days.

  • Manual control

    Switch it on and off, and adjust the mist intensity with a single control knob.

  • Low noise levels

    With a maximum level of 35 dB, the humidifier will not disturb your sleep.

  • Toxin-free

    The humidifier is entirely free of BPAs. This makes it safe for all the family, even small children. Use the humidifier any time, day or night.


Humidifying capacity 150 ml/hour
Automatic humidity control No
Recommended operating space 40 m2
Ultrasound system Yes
Power levels 5
Ionization No
Water tank capacity 3 L
Operating time 24 hours
Essential oils/aromatherapy Yes
Removable water tank Yes
Timer No
Noise level Max. 35 dB
Power consumption 21 W
Weight 1,42 Kg