TrueLife AIR Dehumidifier DH5 Touch


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Eliminate damp, mould, mildew and stale air once and for all. Condensing up to 12 L of water in a single day, excess moisture in the air will no longer be a problem even when cooking or drying laundry. Plus, the Truelife AIR Dehumidifier also functions as an air purifier. Operation is easy using the touch panel and the castor wheels make it simple to move around. As soon as the tank is full, it will alert you and switch itself off, but if you want it to operate continuously, it also comes with a drainage hose. On top of this, it is equipped with a timer and a night mode.


A clean and healthy household

High humidity can be the cause of problems ranging from property damage to health problems. The Truelife AIR Dehumidifier DH5 Touch is the perfect solution, removing up to 12 litres of water per day from the air in your home. When the water tank capacity of 2.5 litres is reached, the humidifier automatically switches off, but it can also be continuously operated by connecting the included water drainage hose. As the device also functions as an air purifier, it improves air quality and eliminates viruses and bacteria.

Smart features

Easily set the timer using the touch buttons and night mode will ensure it operates automatically and quietly without disturbing your sleep. There’s even a special mode for drying clothes to reduce the excess moisture in the air, drying your clothes even faster.

Smooth performance and operation

Operating the Truelife AIR Dehumidifier DH5 Touch is simple and intuitive. All controls are via the dedicated touch buttons and humidity levels are clearly displayed on the screen. Castor wheels make it straightforward to move to another room and its design is stylish and unique.

  • 12L of water in 24 hours

    Removes up to 12 L of water from the air in 24 hours.

  • 2.5 L water tank

    Condensed moisture is stored in a tank with sufficient capacity.

  • LED display and touch buttons

    Easily control the dehumidifier using the touch panel with an LED screen that clearly displays all important data.

  • Automatic humidity mode

    Set the humidity to the level you need. The dehumidifier monitors the humidity in the room and adjusts the dehumidification accordingly.

  • AirFrost function

    Frost can form on dehumidifiers as they operate. To protect against this, the device is equipped with an automatic defrost function.

  • Carbon filter

    The dehumidifier also functions as an air purifier with the iIntegrated air-cleaning technology ensuring the air remains clean and free from odour, dirt and dust.

  • Easy to operate and move

    Simple to operate using the clear touch panel and with practical wheels to make it easy to move around.

  • Full tank indicator

    When the water tank reaches capacity, it alerts you and switches off.

  • Dry laundry mode

    When drying laundry, select “turbo mode” to remove excess moisture and dry your clothes even quicker.

  • 2 fan speeds

    Set how fast you want the air to flow through the dehumidifier. Choose between slow and fast.

  • Night mode

    Enjoy an undisturbed night's sleep. Using this mode, the dehumidifier will operate automatically and quietly.

  • Timer

    Set the timer from 1 to 24 hours at the touch of a button.

  • Continuous mode

    Using the included hose, the dehumidifier can be continuously drained into a container, sink, or drain.

Specifications AIR Dehumidifier DH5 Touch

Dehumidification capacity 12L/day
Tank capacity 2,5 l
Recommended operating space 45 m2
Power consumption 210 W
Noise 37 dB
Timer 1-24 h
Operating temperature 5 °C - 35 °C
Type of ecological refrigerant R290
Humidity indicator Yes
Humidity setting Yes - 30-80 %
Fan modes 2 (slow / fast)
Automatic mode Yes
Night mode Yes
Dry laundry mode Yes
Anti-frost system Yes
Full tank alert Yes
Auto power off Yes
Air purification Yes
Hoses for continuous drainage Yes
Castor wheels Yes
Dimensions 250 × 250 × 460 mm
Weight 11 kg
Power cord length 1.8 m